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Shontel Booker/owner & Yoga guide

Shontel Booker, a proud native of St. Paul, stands at the helm of the Dream in Color Healing, where she brings together her roles as a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki 1 practitioner, and Spiritual Life Coach. With a vibrant spirit and a heart deeply rooted in her community, Shontel has dedicated many years to working alongside youths of all ages. Fueled by an unwavering passion for nurturing young minds and an infectious joy for yoga, Shontel embarked on a remarkable journey. Her mission? To make the profound benefits of yoga accessible to children of all ages, and yes, even the young-at-heart adults. At Dream in Color Healing, she masterfully intertwines the realms of fun and relaxation, crafting an inviting sanctuary where individuals can wholeheartedly embrace their inner child. Shontel's skillful guidance not only helps you find your balance on the mat but also empowers you to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. As a yoga guide, she infuses each session with expertise, ensuring that every stretch, pose, and breath aligns with your unique journey. Moreover, her studies as a Reiki practitioner adds an extra layer of holistic healing, allowing you to experience a deeper connection with your inner self. Beyond her impressive credentials, it's Shontel's genuine warmth and lighthearted approach that sets her apart. Her studio isn't just a space for yoga and healing—it's a haven where laughter, growth, and self-discovery bloom. So, whether you're a spirited youngster or a seasoned adult, Shontel invites you to step into Dream in Color Healing and embark on a transformative voyage towards embracing your true self.
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